Weedex® 90 | Weed Control Membrane

Weedex® 90 is a professional grade spun-bonded weed control membrane fabric that is used extensively by professional landscapers, estate managers and gardeners. You can cover Weedex® 90 with a mulch of bark, wood chippings, gravel, slate or decorative aggregates.

Weedex® membranes can be ordered in different weights to suit particular applications.


Weedex® 90 is suitable for:

  • Flower and shrub beds
  • Vegetable and fruit beds
  • Garden Paths
  • Aggregating a lawn
  • Under a domestic patio
  • Under decking
  • Children's play areas 
  • Rockeries and retaining walls 


For other Weedex® weights and applications please click here


Why Use A Weed Control Membrane?

Weedkiller might work for a certain amount of time, but the weeds will be back. You might also be exposing your garden (and your pets and children) to harmful chemicals. A major advantage of using a weed control membrane is that once it's fitted, weeds won't grow through. It's completely safe and non toxic, and is easily the best way to lay a weed free path, build a weed free decking area or save you time weeding your flower beds.

How to Use Weedex®

  • You should strim vegetation to ground level before you lay Weedex® weed control membrane
  • For aggressive weed treatment recommendations see below
  • To improve initial water permeability you can treat the fabric with domestic detergent in a weak solution to break the surface tension.
  • For the best coverage you should ensure an overlap of 10 to 12 cm where the fabric joins
  • Weedex® membranes should be covered and not be exposed. This will ensure the effectiveness and prolong the life of the membrane
  • Edges should be secured by spitting or tenching 10-15cm into the soil
  • When laying on slopes, use batons to stabilise aggregates
  • Wash your aggregates before application to remove seeds
  • You can mark out your planting plan with chalk directly onto Weedex®

Surface weeding may occur as Weedex is a weed suppressor. Seeds dropped by birds or blown by the wind can take root on your mulch or aggregrate.

For for aggressive weeds such as Mare's Tail Blindweed, Ground Elder, Japanese Knotweed, Brambles, Dock, Couch, Nettles & Bulbs you should use a systemic weed killer. Strim or cut the area to the ground and make sure that there is nothing fibrous or sharp that might puncture the Weedex®. Use 50% more mulch or aggreate in the these areas, and consider laying a double layer of Weedex®. Weedex® 90 is ideal for these types of weeds.


Weedex® 90 Options


Roll WidthProduct CodeRoll SizeRoll m²
1.50m070151001.5m x 100m150
3.00m070301003.0m x 100m300

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Weedex® 90 | Weed Control Membrane

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