Weed Control Membrane

Weed Control Membrane

Weed control membranes keep light away from weeds, thus preventing photo-synthesis. After laying over the soil, they can be covered with different mulches eg bark or stone aggregates, to hold the fabric down, improve the aesthetic appearance and keep light away which avoids fabric UV photo-degradation.
There are many applications for weed control membranes and the choice of one or other will depend on the site location, type of traffic and landscape maintenance regime.
The weed control membranes can be non-woven spun bonded polypropylene (PP) or Hypex® woven PP. Your choice will depend on the application.
Non-wovens are admirable for general landscaping applications, where there is little foot traffic. They can be easily cut and trimmed as they do not fray. Weedex 70® is generally acceptable, but in areas that suffer virulent weeds Weedex 90® may be more suitable.
The Hypex® woven fabrics are stronger and more puncture resistant and therefore more suited to demanding areas with mechanical traffic, especially if covered by aggregates.
In all cases the land must be properly cleared of weeds and if necessary herbicides should be used before laying down the membranes. Some weed varieties are almost impossible to eradicate.
If in doubt please contact our sales office for installation advice.

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