Stabilisation products help to reduce erosion and reinforce unstable substrates.
They may be geo-grids or meshes which can be laid directly onto the ground, but most often in conjunction with a membrane such as Stabletex® for extra performance.
The G-tex Grasshield® range includes extruded meshes of varying weighs/m2 dependent on likely loading factors, eg. foot traffic cars or even buses which can be laid over solid land or grassy areas. Careful mesh choice is important.
For unstable muddy land such as gate-ways on farms, Stablemesh® extruded mesh
is ideal as it is available in 2m width. Used in conjunction with Stabletex® separation membrane, aggregate can then be over-laid to re-create a stable and firm track.
For slopes and embankments that suffer erosion due to rain etc. Erotex® 3D mesh allows top-soil and plants to re-establish themselves to create a natural environment. Grass securing honeycomb and gravel grids allow an aesthetic and pleasing environment.
If in doubt please contact our sales office for installation advice.


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